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Love is Quiet yet it shines in its Power

Love is Strong yet it Surrenders to Life

Love Knows yet it dives into the Unknown

Love Trusts yet it is not Blind

Love Supports yet it does not Rescue

Love is Gentle yet love is Wild

Love shines and rests in its Eternal Self

She calls us quietly in the depths of our Hearts and takes us Home...

I have had the privilege of hearing Nellie sing Bhajans on many occasions, her singing is divine and exquisite and tunes me into states of bliss, joy and peace. It is always a treat to hear her.
— Sabbir Muslim, Author of Bulletproof Peace: 30 Spiritual Secrets of Peace and Happiness
Such a blessing to be amongst the presence and grace of Nellie as she brings people together in her beautiful Kirtan. A wonderful space of freedom to express our love however it feels in the moment, just pure joy!
— Sacha, London
Nellie’s kirtans are a portal to the Divine within. The devotional songs are imbued with such love and warmth. Her voice and presence both soothe and uplift the spirit. Here, you are fully welcomed to be your natural joyous Self!
— Andy, London
Nellie’s singing of bhajans is utterly sublime. Her voice connects you with your divine essence and pure Love that resides in our Hearts.
— Dimitra, London