Sacred Geometry comes from the natural geometry which shines its beauty and harmony in the nature around us. The patterns are easily observed in the Milky Way Spiral, sunflower, , human ear, sea shells, roses and other flowers.

All these natural forms arise out of perfectly proportional geometrical patterns and are a doorway to the unity and oneness which is the foundation of all living things.


Sacred Geometry as an artistic expression has been present since Egyptian times and is on the floors and walls of temples, cathedrals and many other buildings. I have been really drawn by these Sacred Geometrical patterns throughout my life and I started exploring them in my teenage years.

Painting and drawings the Geometrical patterns has been a very powerful meditation tool for me. The exact precise measurements are totally absorbing and I found that in this artistic process there is a stillness, peace and joy.

I have found the drawing of Sri Chakra to be the most profound grounding experience which integrates all aspects of my being fully into myself. I have been sharing Sacred Geometry workshops and it is a joy to connect with other beings and immerse ourselves into the powerful healing field of geometry. It is a reflection of my true, fully integrated being. These divine symbols are a true reflection of what we are and meditating and painting it confirms and affirms our own true divine nature. It is the most sublime cosmic connection of Matter and Spirit uniting as one, moving as one and being one in the Present.

Sri Chakra new.jpg

I will be sharing Sacred Geometry workshops again and I will go into further details of the meaning of numbers and will be showing exactly how to draw The Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube and Sri Chakra. My workshops are open to all people, you don’t have to be an artist or have any previous experience. The aim is to fully experience and embody the sacred geometry that we are and benefit from the healing transformation that takes place inside out being.

Please contact me if you would like to know more and please watch this space as I will be announcing future workshop details soon.

I look forward to meeting you!