Sacred Art is Divine Art from the Heart to the Heart. Art which speaks to our innermost Self and awakens our Divinity. Images are a really powerful tool which affects our consciousness and the images that we surround ourselves with shape our view, perception and state of being. 

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Sri Chakra

This is an Ancient Sacred Geometry Mandala and it represents the energies of cosmos and the manifest world. Sri Chakra awakens the Shiva consciousness in us as well as the Shakti energy. The Golden colour has a high vibrational frequency and it is cleansing as well as empowering.  

Sri Chakra
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All beings long to love, to express love, to give and receive love as love is the essence of our being! May the love in our hearts spread and grow! 

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Arunachala is a Holy Hill in the South of India and it is the manifestation of Lord Shiva. This sacred place has been the home of sages and saints and it continues to have the power to Enlighten beings who are called by it!