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Dive into your Heart with Yoga and Kirtan

We are very excited to offer a brand new monthly workshop to help you align and shine, bringing together the healing effects of Hatha Yoga with devotional singing (Kirtan) to open the Heart! This is a deep Heart-felt offering from our Hearts to yours. If you are called to open your Heart to more Love, Joy, Freedom & Peace, or are looking for deep relaxation, inner connection, calming the mind or opening of your voice to more free expression, do join us. This is a beautiful opportunity to take time out to nourish yourself and tune back into your deep Heart Self.


Saturday, 18th August; 2 PM - 5 PM

Saturday, 15th September; 2PM - 5PM

Saturday, 13th October; 2PM - 5PM

Saturday, 16th November; 7PM - 10PM


September and October: Galloway House

57 Millharbour CANARY WHARF, E14 9TD London, United Kingdom

Saturday, 16th November - Private location near Clapham Junction

In this magical afternoon we will go on an inner journey to explore the mystical world of Healing Yoga & Kirtan. Starting with a meditation to open our Hearts, we will continue to dive more deeply into our Hearts through the sacred sounds of Kirtan and chanting Sanskrit mantras. The Yoga part of our journey will include gentle Hatha Yoga poses (Agama Yoga) focused on activating different chakras, opening the Heart and moving energy through the body. We will end with a beautiful, deep guided relaxation to leave you feeling blissed out, energised and connected to your inner and outer world. This workshop is suitable for all levels and no previous experience of yoga or singing is required! 

The afternoon will include: 

* Opening Circle, Heart Meditation & Intention Setting
* Heart Opening Kirtan (Devotional Singing/Chanting)
* Deep Healing Meditative Chakra Balancing Hatha Yoga
* Closing Circle


We will practice a gentle, slow-paced, Chakra Balancing, Meditative form of Hatha Yoga, in which poses are held for several minutes and work deep into the muscles and connective tissues. This allows for the mind to move away from the body, so that the physical body is allowed to release layers of tension, relax & heal, increasing your sense of wellbeing. The focus is on moving energy through the body and activating the Chakras, which are potent energy centres that govern different physical, emotional/energetic aspects of our being. Agama Yoga helps to develop a deep sense of inner awareness, calms the nervous system, balances the mind, and improves health & flexibility. The practice ultimately helps to cultivate awareness of your Divine Self. Suitable for all levels, it provides wonderful balancing and harmonising qualities to our busy lifestyles. Please bring a Yoga mat if you have one (we have a limited number of mats).


Kirtan is devotional singing of sacred words (mantras) through which we invoke the Divine within us and let the soothing healing vibrations rejuvenate our whole being. It brings us together to the power of the present moment and allows us to rest in the Centre of our being. Through the repetition of mantras the mind remains calm, still and in a natural meditation. Chanting also energises, inspires and gives the intuition to move in harmony with life. It connects us with the Divine and with our Higher Purpose. The mantras will be explained and guided through so no previous experience necessary, just relax and enjoy the experience. We will be chanting together as a group, so rest assured if you are a little shy! During the Kirtan you are welcome to sing, dance or simply rest in the healing vibrations. 



“I really love the sessions you do, they are the most powerful I have ever experienced.” Arabella, London

“Fouzia is a fantastic teacher, very patient and attentive. Her classes are very gentle but incredibly powerful with a focus on the spiritual side of yoga that is often sadly neglected in the west. I feel like I've had an amazing healing after her classes. Highly recommended!” Suzanne, London

"I've been doing yoga for most of my adult life, and with it I've found a sense of balance and self, in some of the toughest of times. But your session on chakra meditation has opened me up to an awareness I always somehow knew I was missing. This feels like the beginning of something new, the next phase of my journey. I felt touched by the simple, direct way you speak from the heart." Thank you.” Bruno, London


* Early bird: £20 / £15 each if you bring 2 friends

* £25 standard & on the door

We have limited space available so to avoid disappointment book your place in advance!


We have 2 volunteer positions for those in financial difficulties in exchange for set up and set down. Please contact me if you wish to get involved. 


Ideally it is best not to eat for 1 hour before our workshop :).

Please arrive around 1.50pm so that you can settle in before we start at 2pm. We will close the doors at 2.20pm.

It is very likely you will leave the workshop feeling deeply relaxed and we would suggest allowing a little time for yourself after the workshop, rather than rushing to your next appointment!

The nearest station is Crossharbour DLR. From here walk down to the end of Pepper St past the shops and Galloway House is on the left. It is also 12 mins walk from Canary Wharf station.


*A Yoga mat if you have one (we have a limited number of mats- you can request one if you book in advance)

* A cushion to sit on and blanket

*A bottle of water

*An open Heart and Mind :)