Nellie’s workshops encourage me to look inside and see, that I am beauty and love itself. It is also a safe space for the celebrating of this discovery. Thank you Nellie
— Kuba, London


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Chanting and Sacred Music allows us to connect deeper with ourselves and others. It is the repetition of sacred sound which cleanses and rejuvenates our mind, body and spirit. It does not require any previous practice or special training as it is simple and easy to follow.

The repetition of sacred sound releases stress and toxins from the body, improves our vitality and opens the cells in our body to breathe deeper and receive more nourishment. It allows us to release trauma stored in the cellular memory as well as cleanses the mind of limiting beliefs and conditioning. Chanting also allows us to connect with our intuition, regain a clarity of vision, feel grounded, balanced and rejuvenated. Kirtan also helps with insomnia, allows us relax and connect with our creativity, intuition and a deeper vision for ourselves and our lives.

Who can attend a chanting circle?

You! It is for everybody inclusive of any other spiritual practice or previous experience! We are a community of beings who gather regularly to connect deeper with ourselves and others. We are all valued, respected and welcome to the events. You can follow the chants and repeat the words of the songs or you can simply relax into the music and experience the healing benefits.

Chanting circle |reclaim your inner bliss

Devotional singing brings us together to the power of the present moment. It unites us and invites us to connect with our Hearts and rest in the Centre of our being. Through the healing vibrations of Sacred Sanskrit chanting we let go and release anything we no longer wish to hold onto. Through the repetition of mantras the mind remains calm, still and in a natural meditation. Chanting also energises, inspires and gives the intuition to move in harmony with life. It connects us with the divine and with our Higher Purpose.

Chanting awakens our creativity and vital life energy. In the silence of mind, our deep aspirations resurface and our life fire ignites. It is a powerful medicine for our mind, body and spirit.

Nellie’s kirtans are a portal to the Divine within. The devotional songs are imbued with such love and warmth. Her voice and presence both soothe and uplift the spirit. Here, you are fully welcomed to be your natural joyous Self!
— Andy, London
Such a blessing to be amongst the presence and grace of Nellie as she brings people together in her beautiful Kirtan. A wonderful space of freedom to express our love however it feels in the moment, just pure joy!
— Sacha, London


We are very excited to offer a brand new monthly workshop to help you align and shine, bringing together the healing effects of Hatha Yoga with devotional singing (Kirtan) to open the Heart! This is a deep Heart-felt offering from our Hearts to yours. If you are called to open your Heart to more Love, Joy, Freedom & Peace, or are looking for deep relaxation, inner connection, calming the mind or opening of your voice to more free expression, do join us. This is a beautiful opportunity to take time out to nourish yourself and tune back into your deep Heart Self. Read More...