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Chanting is a powerful and profound way to drop from the mind to the heart. Connecting with the Source of Bliss, Love and Joy within brings tremendous healing and transformation. It aligns us with higher vibrations and inspires us to reach our full potential. Chanting is a repetition of mantras, which are ancient words and syllabus and helps us to clear the mind and remain peaceful. Mantras transmit a higher vibration and this cleanses our body and mind from negative believes and conditioning and helps with trauma release and emotional release. It nourishes and rejuvenates us deeply and helps us to connect with our higher purpose and intuition. It awakens our passion and love for life.

Neuroscience has explained the effects of mantras on our brain waves and state of mind. Chanting of a mantra light up the frontal lobes of our brain, which leads to an increased flow of oxygen and blood to the mind. It oxygenates the rest of the body and improves our health, well-being and vitality. Using our voice to sing opens up the channels of communication and expression and strengthens our individuality and self expression. Chanting energises and nourishes us leaving us motivated and inspired.

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harmonium lessons

Do you wish to learn chanting and develop your own practice?

Learning how to chant in the comfort of your own home is relaxing and effective. I offer one-on-one sessions as well as group lessons. offer help and support in writing music and chants as well as teaching my own music. All lessons are unique and tailor made and an opportunity to focus on specific areas. It is fun and enjoyable to explore notes and sounds together and create high vibrational healing music. It is an opportunity to discover your own unique voice and expression and gain confidence as well as to deepen devotional practice. Fees are discussed according to individual needs.

I am currently based in West London and available to teach here as well as during festivals, retreats and events. Lessons are usually one hour long and include vocal warm up as well as information about mantas and chanting.